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Sophie Dance Recital Photos | Behind the Scenes Look at the Tiny Little Dancers

Oh my goodness gracious great balls of fire.  This might be the cutest thing I’ve ever photographed.

I was invited by Reyana from Sophie Dance Atwater to document their annual recital at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles.   I grew up dancing and have always had a passion for the movement arts.  Combining two of my great loves – photography & dance – was a dream come true.  Here you’ll find some of the highlights from behind the scenes plus some shots from the actual recital.  Get ready to oooh and aaah at the lovely little dancers!

ps. How could I go a full post without mentioning birthdays…they also host parties at Sophie Dance, take a look here for more info!

3B4A7693 copy3B4A7714 copy3B4A7899 copy3B4A7730 copy3B4A7738 copy3B4A7918 copy3B4A7970 copy3B4A7980 copy3B4A8046 copy3B4A8107 copy3B4A8128 copy3B4A8129 copy3B4A8167 copy3B4A8177 copy3B4A8205 copy3B4A8225 copy3B4A8229 copy3B4A8272 copy3B4A8285 copy3B4A8311 copy3B4A8329 copy3B4A8342 copy3B4A8362 copy3B4A8387 copy3B4A8396 copy3B4A8412 copy3B4A8418 copy3B4A8428 copy3B4A8450 copy3B4A8458 copy3B4A8477 copy3B4A8500 copy3B4A8509 copy3B4A8526 copy3B4A8545 copy3B4A8572 copy3B4A8576 copy3B4A8582 copy3B4A8597 copy3B4A8600 copy3B4A8662 copy3B4A8690 copy3B4A8702 copy3B4A8782 copy3B4A7820 copy3B4A8828 copy3B4A8843 copy3B4A9016 copy3B4A9038 copy3B4A9075 copy3B4A0081 copy3B4A0184 copy3B4A0210 copy3B4A0240 copy3B4A0373 copy3B4A0395 copy3B4A0454 copy3B4A0466 copy3B4A0470 copy3B4A0500 copy3B4A0509 copy3B4A0597 copy3B4A0637 copy3B4A0764 copy3B4A0861 copy3B4A9183 copy3B4A9310 copy3B4A9337 copy3B4A9432 copy3B4A9481 copy3B4A9555 copy3B4A9913 copy3B4A9927 copy3B4A0895 copy


Bravo to all the dancers!



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A Puppy Reunion (yes, you heard me right) | The REAL Bark Dog Rescue, Echo Park | LA Event Photography

I got together with the REAL bark dog rescue to document this puppy reunion!  All of her pups were adopted out a year ago and brought back together last weekend for a little party/meet and greet.  It was pretty similar to documenting a kid’s birthday party – a lot of energy, a little bit of chaos, and a whole lotta love.  Mavis from the animal rescue obviously has a gift for placing homeless pups with loving families, what a joy to capture it all.

If you’re looking to adopt or foster in LA check them out here -> the REAL bark, Echo Park

3B4A6788 copy
This is Mama pup, the smallest one of them all! ^

3B4A6181 copy3B4A6351 copy3B4A6286 copy3B4A6297 copy3B4A6314 copy3B4A6328 copy3B4A6365 copy3B4A6400 copy3B4A6431 copy3B4A6436 copy3B4A6459 copy3B4A6477 copy3B4A6563 copy3B4A6572 copy3B4A6607 copy

3B4A6149 copy
This is Cookie, she survived a fall from a 4 story building!  She’s up for adoption at the Real bark ^

3B4A6240 copy3B4A6610 copy3B4A6621 copy3B4A6773 copy3B4A6789 copy3B4A6796 copy3B4A6804 copy3B4A6842 copy3B4A6854 copy3B4A6897 copy3B4A6877 copy3B4A6911 copy3B4A6928 copy3B4A6957 copy3B4A6979 copy3B4A6998 copy3B4A7016 copy3B4A7026 copy3B4A7034 copy

Cuteness overload.



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kids birthday party photography los angeles art bus

Hannah’s 8th Birthday & The Art Bus | Kids Birthday Party Photography Pacific Palisades

This is my new favorite party idea.  A sparkling white bus pulls up to your party and the kids are free to paint all over it!  When do you ever have the chance to paint your heart out on such a giant canvas?  Dream come true.  Hannah had the creative idea to paint her hand in rainbow colors to decorate the bus (see photo above) and had the chance to flex her creativity even more inside the bus.  Slime was made, faces were painted, mustaches were drawn, hair was glitterized, fun was had…Thanks for throwing such an amazing party Daniell!

| Learn more about the party bus here or follow them on instagram |

3B4A0885 copy3B4A0897 copy3B4A0858 copy3B4A1293 copy3B4A1039 copy3B4A1096 copy3B4A1098 copy3B4A1124 copy3B4A1143 copy3B4A1156 copy3B4A1188 copy3B4A1225 copy3B4A1229 copy3B4A1313 copy3B4A1370 copy3B4A1376 copy3B4A1400 copy3B4A1414 copy3B4A1449 copy3B4A1468 copy3B4A1482 copy3B4A1502 copy3B4A1512 copy3B4A1543 copy3B4A1561 copy3B4A1583 copy3B4A1595 copy3B4A1610 copy3B4A1288 copy3B4A1654 copy3B4A1665 copy3B4A1677 copy3B4A1799 copy3B4A1856 copy3B4A1781 copy3B4A1877 copy3B4A1914 copy3B4A1614 copy3B4A2241 copy3B4A2281 copy3B4A2292 copy3B4A2306 copy3B4A2375 copy3B4A2428 copy3B4A2170 copy3B4A2050 copy3B4A2463 copy3B4A2496 copy3B4A2528 copy3B4A2564 copy3B4A2632 copy3B4A2688 copy3B4A2714 copy3B4A2725 copy3B4A2741 copy



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Frankie Turns 5 | Birthday Bash at Bob Baker Marionette Theater | Kids Party Photography Los Angeles

Photographing Frankie’s birthday here was a dream come true!  I had always heard such spectacular things about Bob Baker Marionette Theater but never had the chance to drop by for a visit.  Luckily, Michelle and Fernando contacted me to document their daughter’s 5th birthday there on Sunday and SPECTACULAR it was.  The marionette show was as masterful and whimsical as you could imagine, I will absolutely return for another show on my own.  The kids (and adults) were thoroughly entertained as the puppets whizzed past them or got a little personal and sang melodies on their laps.  A very special place indeed, thanks for inviting me there to document Michelle and Fernando!

Click for more details if you’re interested in hosting a party at Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

3B4A0973 copy3B4A9044 copy3B4A9218 copy3B4A9484 copy3B4A9056 copy3B4A9063 copy3B4A9095 copy3B4A9193 copy3B4A9183 copy3B4A0003 copy3B4A9261 copy3B4A9284 copy3B4A9239 copy3B4A9209 copy3B4A9385 copy3B4A9313 copy3B4A9353 copy3B4A9357 copy3B4A9335 copy3B4A9363 copy3B4A9593 copy3B4A9599 copy3B4A9643 copy3B4A9664 copy3B4A9692 copy3B4A9792 copy3B4A9828 copy3B4A9830 copy3B4A9841 copy3B4A9872 copy3B4A9717 copy3B4A9526 copy3B4A0061 copy3B4A0120 copy3B4A0163 copy3B4A0188 copy3B4A0193 copy3B4A0213 copy3B4A0271 copy3B4A0365 copy3B4A0488 copy3B4A0509 copy3B4A0537 copy3B4A0590 copy3B4A0618 copy3B4A0653 copy3B4A0772 copy3B4A0729 copy3B4A0787 copy3B4A0798 copy3B4A0875 copy


~ the end ~



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Audrey Turns 7 | A Unicorn Party | Kids Birthday Photography Los Angeles

I met Audrey and her family when she was just under 2 years old!  I can’t believe how much time has passed.  Audrey has made the transition from off balance toddler to full blown unicorn, and what a lovely unicorn she has become.  I absolutely adored the theme and all the magical details throughout the party.  Also, there were bubbles, and if you know me you know I LOVE bubbles.  Audrey frolicked around in her flower dress and had the best time ever, thanks for inviting me to capture it Ward fam!

3B4A2478 copy3B4A2456 copy3B4A2466 copy3B4A2497 copy3B4A2506 copy3B4A2520 copy3B4A2536 copy3B4A2600 copy3B4A2603 copy3B4A2619 copy3B4A2667 copy3B4A2699 copy3B4A2751 copy3B4A2784 copy3B4A2824 copy3B4A2858 copy3B4A2872 copy3B4A2998 copy3B4A3020 copy3B4A4536 copy3B4A3045 copy3B4A3055 copy3B4A3069 copy3B4A3110 copy3B4A3140 copy3B4A3219 copy3B4A3241 copy3B4A3293 copy3B4A3321 copy3B4A3348 copy3B4A3417 copy3B4A3434 copy3B4A3495 copy3B4A3506 copy3B4A3542 copy3B4A3591 copy3B4A3648 copy3B4A3733 copy3B4A3770 copy3B4A3875 copy3B4A3883 copy3B4A3899 copy3B4A4031 copy3B4A4016 copy3B4A4062 copy3B4A4100 copy3B4A4129 copy3B4A4179 copy3B4A4205 copy3B4A4248 copy3B4A4268 copy3B4A4319 copy3B4A4360 copy3B4A4376 copy3B4A4449 copy3B4A4552 copy3B4A4563 copy3B4A4673 copy3B4A4719 copy3B4A4688 copy



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How to Party Like an Archaeologist | Noah’s 6th Birthday | Kids Party Photography Santa Monica

This was a first for me…party like an Archaeologist!  Such a fun and creative activity to keep the kids entertained and learning along the way.  A scavenger hunt in ancient Egypt, what could be cooler (and of course treasure is involved).  It was too fun watching the kids running around and oh so serious about cracking the codes.  Thanks for having me there to document Christa!  Happy 6th Noah!

3B4A3243 copy3B4A1532 copy3B4A1843 copy3B4A1554 copy3B4A1628 copy3B4A1640 copy3B4A1648 copy3B4A1661 copy3B4A1732 copy3B4A1739 copy3B4A1783 copy3B4A1829 copy3B4A1890 copy3B4A1937 copy3B4A1952 copy3B4A1959 copy3B4A2012 copy3B4A2022 copy3B4A2029 copy3B4A2059 copy3B4A2101 copy3B4A2110 copy3B4A2124 copy3B4A2170 copy3B4A2217 copy3B4A2229 copy3B4A2243 copy3B4A2314 copy3B4A2316 copy3B4A2332 copy3B4A2346 copy3B4A2365 copy3B4A2410 copy3B4A2416 copy3B4A1608 copy3B4A2436 copy3B4A2490 copy3B4A2502 copy3B4A2532 copy3B4A2613 copy3B4A2620 copy3B4A1577 copy3B4A2623 copy3B4A2629 copy3B4A2656 copy3B4A2671 copy3B4A2705 copy3B4A2741 copy3B4A2749 copy3B4A2765 copy3B4A2785 copy3B4A2795 copy3B4A2810 copy3B4A2915 copy3B4A2936 copy3B4A2946 copy3B4A2960 copy3B4A2979 copy3B4A2989 copy3B4A3028 copy3B4A3048 copy3B4A3060 copy3B4A3147 copy3B4A3169 copy3B4A3175 copy3B4A3299 copy3B4A3354 copy3B4A3286 copy



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