Moana + Ice Cream + Lexi | A Pool Party in Topanga | Los Angeles Kids Birthday Photography

Lexi turned six last weekend!  And what a lovely poolside affair it was.  I met Lexi’s mom after shooting a birthday party at her studio in the Pacific Palisades.  (They host aerial yoga parties, such a fun time! ->  I arrived at her house in Topanga and was amazed by the tranquil atmosphere and gorgeous views – she even had a rig set up to do aerial moves in her backyard.  Lexi must take after her mother, she had absolutely no fear doing backflips and summersaults all over the pool.  Moana was a surprise guest and she was quite the hit, I don’t think the kids gave her more than an inch of space the entire time.

I just love the decorations, splashing madness, Moana sing-alongs, and ice cream creations from this summer party, thanks for having me Jennifer!

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Until next time…

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