Chloe is One in a Melon | 1st Birthday Photography and Cake Smash | Manhattan Beach

This was my first time photographing a melon party!  I just love the theme and all the adorable decorations Michelle brought along to Live Oak Park in Manhattan Beach.  The watermelon themed outfits were on another level.  Chloe was one of the happiest and liveliest little one year olds I’ve ever seen, she had zero reservations about climbing on top of me to inspect my camera and to say hello with a big smile.  And wait till you see how thoroughly she smashed her cake, it didn’t stand a chance.  Thanks for having me Michelle and family!

3B4A0051 copy3B4A9784 copy3B4A9883 copy3B4A9515 copy3B4A9483 copy3B4A9779 copy3B4A0870 copy3B4A9326 copy3B4A9610 copy3B4A9651 copy3B4A0584 copy3B4A0344 copy3B4A0321 copy3B4A0347 copy3B4A0371 copy3B4A0119 copy3B4A0109 copy3B4A0212 copy3B4A0381 copy3B4A9454 copy3B4A9466 copy3B4A0628 copy3B4A0607 copy3B4A0460 copy3B4A0824 copy3B4A0910 copy3B4A0680 copy3B4A0530 copy3B4A0546 copy3B4A9847 copy3B4A0655 copy3B4A0667 copy3B4A0648-2 copy3B4A9425-2 copy3B4A9376-2 copy3B4A9460-2 copy3B4A9636-2 copy3B4A9627-2 copy3B4A9597-2 copy3B4A9663-2 copy3B4A9717-2 copy3B4A9675-2 copy3B4A9857-2 copy3B4A9887-2 copy3B4A9910-2 copy3B4A9973-2 copy3B4A0564 copy3B4A0700-2 copy3B4A0612-2 copy3B4A9846-2 copy3B4A0439-2 copy3B4A0490-2 copy3B4A0474-2 copy3B4A0566-2 copy3B4A0314-2 copy3B4A0255-2 copy3B4A0196-2 copy3B4A0451-2 copy


Did this inspire you to throw a melon party?  So many great party ideas.

Until next time…


Shannon @remembermakers   |


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