Dylan and his Legos | Kids Birthday Party Photography Pacific Palisades | Bel-Air Bay Club

Dylan and his Legos | Kids Birthday Party Photography Pacific Palisades | Bel-Air Bay Club

What a gorgeous setting for a birthday!  Right on the sand, colorful legos everywhere, and with a nice cloud cover to protect us from the summer heatwave.  The team at Play Party LA  set up lego foosball tables, lego centerpieces, and even a lego racetrack where kids (and adults) could build their own creations and race down the ramp.  Mr. Silly made an appearance and had the kids belly laughing like I’ve never seen before.  So much more to write about but you’ll just have to scroll down to see.  Such a fun party, thanks for having me Julie and family!

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Aerial Party at Studio K | Kids Birthday Photography Los Angeles

Aerial Party at Studio K | Kids Birthday Photography Los Angeles

Looking for a creative idea for your next kid’s birthday party?  Have an aerial party!  Studio K is tucked away in the Pacific Palisades and they are masters at hosting parties up in the air.  Take a look at their website here:  http://www.studioktraining.com/birthday-parties

I had way too much fun watching these girls, I think I’ll have to try an aerial class myself!

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