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A Puppy Reunion (yes, you heard me right) | The REAL Bark Dog Rescue, Echo Park | LA Event Photography

I got together with the REAL bark dog rescue to document this puppy reunion!  All of her pups were adopted out a year ago and brought back together last weekend for a little party/meet and greet.  It was pretty similar to documenting a kid’s birthday party – a lot of energy, a little bit of chaos, and a whole lotta love.  Mavis from the animal rescue obviously has a gift for placing homeless pups with loving families, what a joy to capture it all.

If you’re looking to adopt or foster in LA check them out here -> the REAL bark, Echo Park

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This is Mama pup, the smallest one of them all! ^

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This is Cookie, she survived a fall from a 4 story building!  She’s up for adoption at the Real bark ^

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Cuteness overload.



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