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Miss Blue Eyes | Lily’s 1st | Kids Birthday Party Photography Los Angeles

I was so excited to get a message from Sara.  We went to high school together and I had been low key stalking her super sweet new life as a mom on instagram.  I finally got the chance to meet the baby girl I had seen in all the pictures…for her 1st birthday!  I am a big fan of backyard parties and Sara really knew how to make it her own with countless homemade signs and decorations.  Lily was the sweetest thing, she couldn’t hurt a fly or even smash her cake!  Yep, no interest whatsoever in destroying that sugary mountain in front of her. She was just full of smiles and laughs, handed back and forth from one loving family member to another.  Such a good day, thanks for having me Sara!

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Madeleine + Mysteries | 8th Birthday in Santa Monica | Kids Birthday Party Photography by Remember Makers

Who stole the party favors!? That was the big whodunnit mystery of Madeleine’s birthday and the kids had to follow a scavenger hunt and solve puzzles to find the thief.  I was SO into this!  As a kid my dad used to leave riddles in a mailbox for me that led to various treasures around the house, scavenger hunts were my thing. My favorite part was when he walked in and “interrogated” each kid about the crime, you will see how many belly laughs they had below.  I highly recommend this activity for your next party, ask for Travis from Celebration Entertainment to make it a hilarious and exciting adventure.

Happy 8th birthday Madeleine!

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Laila Turns 2 | Kids Birthday Party Photography Redondo Beach

This was a very special day.  Not only was it Laila’s 2nd birthday, her mama Lauren was pregnant and planned a piñata gender reveal!  Looks like you’ll have to scroll to the end to find out if it’s a boy or a girl….

Laila had a blast at her party surrounded and adored by loved ones.  She was also surprised by a special guest…ELMO!  With a giggling Elmo, gorgeous dessert table (with homemade cake pops from her grandma), piñata full of surprises, and loving family…I don’t think Laila could have had a better birthday.  Thanks for having me Lauren!

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Zoli Turns 7! | Birthday Party Photography South Pasadena

Heidi and Zoli…where do I start?  We met a few years back and since then they have held a special place in my heart.  These two just have the most beautiful bond and I was able to capture it in action at Zoli’s 7th birthday extravaganza!  The minecraft theme and sweet park setting was just perfect for Zoli’s adventurous and playful spirit.  The love and support in this group is palpable, thanks for having me Heidi and Zoli!  See you again very soon I hope…

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Sophie Turns 1 | Santa Monica Beach Cake Smash | First Birthday Portraits Los Angeles

I think Sarah (Sophie’s lovely mother)  is going to start a new trend – SURFBOARD CAKE SMASHES.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it and I’m so into it!  Keep scrolling to the end and you’ll see the magic that unfolds.  We had such a lovely early morning shoot by the Annenburg Beach House in Santa Monica.  Sophie started the session with a face full of smiles and a left the session with a belly full of sand.  Life is good.  Shout out to Sarah for all the creative props and stylings you’re about to see!

3B4A6029 copy3B4A6038 copy3B4A6092 copy3B4A6176 copy3B4A6455 copy3B4A6460 2 copy3B4A6468 copy3B4A6478 copy3B4A6495 copy3B4A6506 copy3B4A6561 copy3B4A6578 copy3B4A6682 copy3B4A6716 copy3B4A6749 copy3B4A6819 copy3B4A6845 copy3B4A7113 copy3B4A7134 copy3B4A7213 copy3B4A7252 copy3B4A7285 copy3B4A7288 copy3B4A7323 copy3B4A7357 copy3B4A7367 copy3B4A7407 copy3B4A7429 copy3B4A7435 copy3B4A7488 copy

The holidays are almost upon us, schedule your portrait session before it gets too cold (wait, we’re in LA, it never gets too cold).  You know what I’m saying…time flies, let’s shoot!


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Asher and the Fire Truck | 5th Birthday Party Photography Manhattan Beach

When Heather called me up and told me what she had planned for Asher’s birthday I did a little excited happy dance. There would be a fire truck, and not just any fire truck, one that was converted into a kids birthday party machine!  Photo booth, rockin’ music, PIZZA, and even a hose that sprayed out water for playing and frolicking (perfect because it was crazy hot that day!).  Asher was entranced by all the knobs and gadgets on the truck and his sister made friends with the stuffed animal dalmations.

Heather is a photographer herself so it makes sense why she created such a picture perfect party…just scroll down, you’ll see the magic unfold. Thanks for having me!

Check out the fire truck for your next party, seriously recommended:

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Dylan and his Legos | Kids Birthday Party Photography Pacific Palisades | Bel-Air Bay Club

What a gorgeous setting for a birthday!  Right on the sand, colorful legos everywhere, and with a nice cloud cover to protect us from the summer heatwave.  The team at Play Party LA  set up lego foosball tables, lego centerpieces, and even a lego racetrack where kids (and adults) could build their own creations and race down the ramp.  Mr. Silly made an appearance and had the kids belly laughing like I’ve never seen before.  So much more to write about but you’ll just have to scroll down to see.  Such a fun party, thanks for having me Julie and family!

3B4A6053 copy3B4A4311 copy3B4A4198 copy3B4A4203 copy3B4A4222 copy3B4A4345 copy3B4A4369 copy3B4A4413 copy3B4A4441 copy3B4A4543 copy3B4A4586 copy3B4A4587 copy3B4A4695 copy3B4A4609 copy3B4A4792 copy3B4A4854 copy3B4A4895 copy3B4A4947 copy3B4A4956 copy3B4A4982 copy3B4A4984 copy3B4A4988 copy3B4A5033 copy3B4A5081 copy3B4A5107 copy3B4A5167 copy3B4A5191 copy3B4A5220 copy3B4A5232 copy3B4A5317 copy3B4A5412 copy3B4A5446 copy3B4A5489 copy3B4A5492 copy3B4A5534 copy3B4A5605 copy3B4A4301 copy3B4A5613 copy3B4A5628 copy3B4A5650 copy3B4A5684 copy3B4A5769 copy3B4A5799 copy3B4A5886 copy3B4A5923 copy3B4A6057 copy3B4A6261 copy3B4A6165 copy3B4A6232 copy3B4A6248 copy3B4A6342 copy3B4A6451 copy3B4A6517 copy3B4A6542 copy3B4A6548 copy3B4A6575 copy3B4A6586 copy3B4A6590 copy3B4A6712 copy3B4A6724 copy3B4A6771 copy3B4A6786 copy3B4A6856 copy3B4A6877 copy3B4A6919 copy3B4A6943 copy3B4A7077 copy3B4A7094 copy3B4A7276 copy3B4A7283 copy3B4A7317 copy3B4A7364 copy3B4A7406 copy3B4A7427 copy3B4A7521 copy3B4A7492 copy


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