Frankie Turns 5 | Birthday Bash at Bob Baker Marionette Theater | Kids Party Photography Los Angeles

Photographing Frankie’s birthday here was a dream come true!  I had always heard such spectacular things about Bob Baker Marionette Theater but never had the chance to drop by for a visit.  Luckily, Michelle and Fernando contacted me to document their daughter’s 5th birthday there on Sunday and SPECTACULAR it was.  The marionette show was as masterful and whimsical as you could imagine, I will absolutely return for another show on my own.  The kids (and adults) were thoroughly entertained as the puppets whizzed past them or got a little personal and sang melodies on their laps.  A very special place indeed, thanks for inviting me there to document Michelle and Fernando!

Click for more details if you’re interested in hosting a party at Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

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