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Aerial Party at Studio K | Kids Birthday Photography Los Angeles

Looking for a creative idea for your next kid’s birthday party?  Have an aerial party!  Studio K is tucked away in the Pacific Palisades and they are masters at hosting parties up in the air.  Take a look at their website here:

I had way too much fun watching these girls, I think I’ll have to try an aerial class myself!

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10 Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Los Angeles | A Photographer’s Perspective


Need some ideas for your next kids birthday party?  There are so many birthday spots in LA, it can be overwhelming and mind boggling.  I’ve been photographing birthdays in Los Angeles for years and thought it would be helpful to come up with a short list of my favorite kids party locations, ideas, and vendors.  All local to Los Angeles!  Hopefully this helps narrow your search and ease some of the stress of party planning.  Enjoy!




1. Bubblemania

I’ve seen this company at a few backyard birthdays and, let me tell you, it is entertainment for all ages!  Even the adults look mesmerized (yes, me included).  It starts off with a structured bubble show and ends with party guests taking turns to be inside giant life size bubbles!  Also, bubbles make for fantastic pictures, a big plus for this photographer lady.

Check them out here –


IMG_3633 copy

2. Bowling – Montrose Bowl

This bowling alley is picture perfect, such a cool vintage style.  And who doesn’t love throwing a ball around?  This is great for active kids who are old enough to navigate a bowling ball and keep a little focus.  There’s also a small arcade attached for extra entertainment.  Add a giant pizza into the mix and you’re golden!

Check it out here –


IMG_4093 copy

3. The Coop

The Coop is one of my absolute favorite indoor/outdoor playgrounds.  Giant ball pit, light up dance floor, climbing equipment, and a beautiful outdoor area with a tent and hangout lounge.  All ages can have fun here.  Photo tip: Get down low on the dance floor and get some cool colorful shots of dancing faces!  (That’s how I got the first photo on my about page –

Check out The Coop here –


IMG_4119 copy

4. Mobile Petting Zoo

The simplicity of animals hanging out + kids hanging out is just magic.  I’ve seen ones with llamas, mini horseback riding, cuddly bunnies, birdies, and everything in between.  The kids can touch, learn, experience, and explore…just as kids should!

Check this one out –


7 copy

5. Ultrazone Laser Tag

Laser tag birthday parties are a blast! (hehe) This is great for older kids with a lot of energy and a team spirit.  Luckily the laser beams show up in pictures and make for some great action shots!  After the game(s) you have your own private room to relax in or you can play around on the large selection of arcade games.  If you’re looking for high energy, you’ve got it right here!

Check them out here –


birthday party photography los angeles aerial pacific palisades

6. Aerial Yoga 

Have an aerial party!  Studio K is tucked away in the Pacific Palisades and they are masters at hosting parties up in the air.  This is great for physically active kids and a wonderful introduction to a new skill.  Never a dull moment in this studio.  To see more photos from the aerial birthday I shot click here.

Check out more info on the studio here –


3B4A9264-2 copy 2

7. Travel Town

Travel town is a solid birthday spot.  It almost feels like you’re at a picnic table in your local park…except…you’re surrounded by TRAINS!  Kids love to explore around the tracks, and some just like to stick to the picnic area where a mini train set is often set up in the grass.  All of the kids end up going around the property in the mini train.   I don’t think I’ve ever said the word train so many times!

Check out Travel Town here –


boys birthday party ideas los angeles manhattan beach photography fire truck theme

8. Fire Truck Party 

This is not just any fire truck, this one has been converted into a kids birthday party machine!  Photo booth, rockin’ music, PIZZA, and even a hose that sprays out water for playing and frolicking.  Perfect for a hot summer day (and it sure was one for Asher’s fire truck party).  Love love love this company!

Check them out here –


IMG_0332 copy

9. Gymnastics Party

A nap is guaranteed after this kind of energetic birthday bash.  There are so many activities to keep these youngsters entertained – rope swings, jumping into foam pits,  climbing the walls, balance beams, organized games, etc.  Great for active older kids who love to move their bodies, the room is their oyster!

Check out Jag Gym here –


rm4-c-2 copy

10. Hire a Photographer

Hello!  It’s time for me to toot my own horn.  Planning a party (and being a parent)  is hard enough, you don’t have to add “photographer” to your many hats.  When you hire a photographer you actually have time to enjoy the moment and be in the pictures!  Birthday celebrations are fleeting and it’s rare to have so many family and friends in one place – you will be thankful to have photographic evidence of these joyous times.  Pro tip: Have a photo book made of your birthday celebration!

Say hello –



Did I miss something amazing?  Let me know!  I’m always interested in learning about new birthday gems in Los Angeles.


Shannon @remembermakers   |


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