How to Party Like an Archaeologist | Noah’s 6th Birthday | Kids Party Photography Santa Monica

This was a first for me…party like an Archaeologist!  Such a fun and creative activity to keep the kids entertained and learning along the way.  A scavenger hunt in ancient Egypt, what could be cooler (and of course treasure is involved).  It was too fun watching the kids running around and oh so serious about cracking the codes.  Thanks for having me there to document Christa!  Happy 6th Noah!

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Laser Tag Birthday | Kids Party Photography Los Angeles | Ultrazone Sherman Oaks

Happy 9th birthday Chiara!  I absolutely love laser tag parties – the lasers show up in the pictures which is pretty fantastic and I get to run around and remember the good ol’ days when I used to play.  Next time I want to try wearing a vest, I’m sure a lot more lasers would be pointed in my direction!  Interested in having your next kid’s birthday party at Ultrazone?  Check them out here:

Here are the setting ranges I used on my Canon 5d mark iii with a 24mm 1.4 Canon lens:

ISO: 16000 – 20000

f-stop: 1.4 – 2.0

shutter speed: 1/250 – 1/500


Here are some of my fave shots!

3B4A2111 copy3B4A2174 copy3B4A2229 copy3B4A2253 copy3B4A2271 copy3B4A2366 copy3B4A2373 copy3B4A2391 copy3B4A2436 copy3B4A2530 copy3B4A2542 copy3B4A2556 copy3B4A2236 copy3B4A3508 copy3B4A3569 copy3B4A3576 copy3B4A3613 copy3B4A3636 copy3B4A3690 copy3B4A3717 copy3B4A3736 copy3B4A3800 copy3B4A3816 copy3B4A3822 copy3B4A3831 copy



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Archer is One! | Birthday Party Photography Los Angeles

Look at that face!  Such a fun backyard get together for such a cutie pie.  Loved seeing the birthday boy crawling around the grass, interacting with his cousins, and testing everything in reach to see if it was edible.  He shared his birthday party with two other family members…that means 3 cakes!  Triple the happy birthday magic.  So much family love in one place, I am very grateful that I was invited in to capture it all.  Thanks Amanda and family!

3B4A7921 copy3B4A7938 copy3B4A0085 copy3B4A7824 copy3B4A7603 copy3B4A0039 copy3B4A7681 copy3B4A7720 copy3B4A7756 copy3B4A7761 copy3B4A7837 copy3B4A8124 copy3B4A7798 copy3B4A8200 copy3B4A8012 copy3B4A8256 copy3B4A8271 copy3B4A8319 copy3B4A8316 copy3B4A8449 copy3B4A8363 copy3B4A8515 copy3B4A8646 copy3B4A8712 copy3B4A8790 copy3B4A8806 copy3B4A8840 copy3B4A8904 copy3B4A8944 copy3B4A8972 copy3B4A9015 copy3B4A9021 copy3B4A9092 copy3B4A9165 copy3B4A9175 copy3B4A9224 copy3B4A9260 copy3B4A9284 copy3B4A9302 copy3B4A9347 copy3B4A9364 copy3B4A9370 copy3B4A9407 copy3B4A9414 copy3B4A9503 copy3B4A9558 copy3B4A9586 copy3B4A9614 copy3B4A9719 copy3B4A9776 copy3B4A9796 copy3B4A9837 copy3B4A9846 copy3B4A9859 copy3B4A9892 copy3B4A0026 copy3B4A0065 copy3B4A0377 copy3B4A0238 copy

Such fun!


Until next time,

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